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Bill Landry

Like many IT customer service teams, the Desktop Support group at Exelixis was made up of bright, dedicated IT professionals who worked long hours attempting to address the seemingly unending backlog of customer requests.  As our customer base doubled in size over three years, while our number of Desktop Support personnel was static, we knew we had to do something to improve our ability to deliver.  Their consultants, led by Jim Schmidt,  guided our team in a giant step forward. 

The engagement began with their consultants meeting with our stakeholders throughout the company to better understand the strengths of our current customer service delivery as well as areas where we could improve.  To build on those areas for improvement,  they guided our customer service personnel through workshops in which operating procedures specific to our unique situation were crafted.  Our team clearly identified exactly which services would be delivered and which would not.  With guidance from their consulting team, we defined accountability for solution delivery along with responsibility for follow-through.  They also provided direct training in customer service, introducing tools and techniques that have enabled our team to continuously improve the value of service delivered.

Thanks to this engagement, our customer satisfaction numbers are up and our backlog numbers are down … without having to add to our customer service headcount.

Bill Landry
Sr. Director, Information Technology

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To: Managers & Directors

We can design a consulting and training program for your group that will produce measurable improvements. Let's talk.

Great Principles:

- Challenge the "Rules"
- Make it Fun
- Develop the Culture
- Know your Customers
- Revisit Core Values
- Embrace Metrics
- Anticipate Needs
- Adapt to the Situation
- Service Recovery
- Attitude Creates Reality

"I liked sharing real-life stories. This course brought concepts down to a level we can apply at work."
B.L. - IT Director

"I liked the real-life examples. I would like to see this course offered to entire departments.
"M.W. - Desktop Support

"Using examples from our own jobs helped us transition from simply having the tools, to applying them in our everyday lives. It was fun and informative. I would definitely recommend this workshop to other customer service professionals."
 S.D. - Shipping/Receiving