The Green Peg Collaboration Team is a network of professionals formed in 2014 to share insights, knowledge and experience to benefit our clients.

Ken Ball is the author of Surviving the Baby Boomer Exodus - Capturing Knowledge for Gen X and Y Employees. He has more than 30 years of experience in corporate sales and marketing, including years in the publishing business ... Learn More

Katy Fraser has over 30 years experience developing and implementing successful strategies for all types of businesses. Her expertise includes business process improvement, strategic planning, profit and loss management, marketing ... Learn More

Susan White has over 30 years of experience solving human resources issues in large complex global organizations. As a senior HR Leader, she has served on multiple business executive management teams and  ... Learn More

Chuck BeattieChuck Beattie is an expert in cloud-based technology used in health care and has held roles in successful startup companies including Metis, Healtheon, WebMD and CrossApps. Currently, his focus is to build Pelesend, into a major internet service provider. ... Learn More

Jim SchmidtJim Schmidt is the Principal at Green Peg based in Dublin, California. Jim was the founder or co-founder of three successful corporations. His previous careers included the U.S. Navy, electronics, software engineering, technical training, and flight instructing ... Learn More