High-level best practices in customer service are necessary but require supporting framework for success. Let’s say your group, that provides either internal or external customer service, now has a clear directive to “go the extra mile.”  That’s a start, but is it enough to really make any lasting or measurable change? Will the customer experience be better? Unfortunately, it is very common for a directive like this to simply wither away without anyone even noticing or caring since everyone has “real” work to do anyway. The directive was a good first step but was severely lacking in enough structure, detail, context and examples that it was almost guaranteed to die.

The directive for employees to “go the extra mile”:

There are many more customer service principles like “go the extra mile” (e.g.,“know your customers”, “recover from mistakes”, etc.) that also require this sort of structure before the principle turns into a reality.  Green Peg can help your organization "fill in these blanks" and help you create lasting change that your customers will notice.