The On-Site Course for Managers and Future Managers

How you manage your team directly affects every individual on your team in addition to all of the customers, co-workers, vendors and partners they come in contact with. There is always room for improvement.

This course will give customer service managers the strategic, operational and leadership skills necessary to run an effective organization. The strategic portion of this leadership seminar focuses on maximizing the value of the support center in the organization and rigorously measuring the performance. Techniques covered include use of Balanced Scorecard (BSC), Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Return on Investment (ROI) concepts to ensure success. The operational portion covers best practices used in the support industry. The leadership training includes hiring, certifying and motivating your staff so that you are confident that you have the right people in the right positions working on the right thing.

Staff Development Interviewing and Hiring Leadership Skills
Reducing Stress and Burnout Performance Metrics Strategy
Improving Communication Self-Service Concepts Analyze Failures
Using Customer Feedback Better Teamwork Core Values
The Service Mindset Service Culture Best Practices