"Jim conducted a workshop session during The Customer Service for Health Plans Conference held in Chicago recently and I was very impressed with his level of knowledge..."

» MOREAndrew Tardogno, Research Director, Corporate Research Group

"We wanted to implement a comprehensive training program which ensured team members were trained on all distribution programs and processes and received specialized service training to continue raising the bar on our service to customers. Jim dived in by...."

» MOREV. Brown, A Bay Area Biotech Company

"Jim worked with us to develop a customer service curriculum and consulted on a department metrics initiative. He's a skilled communicator, enthusiastic facilitator and deeply knowledgeable when it comes to creating a customer service culture...."

» MOREKerry Slattery, Sr. Manager, Quality, Process and Training

"We needed to update our new hire training program for Service Desk Analysts. Our overall goal was to create a custom certification that incorporated strong customer service skills combined with the technical skills in the hopes that when our new hires..."

» MOREBob Albert, CIT Service Desk

"They began by performing a very thorough assessment and needs analysis by interviewing key management and staff personnel throughout the company. This provided the basis for identifying and prioritizing the top 10 issues to be addressed through training..."

» MOREJeff Jenson, Director Information Technology

"From initial consultation and requirements gathering, their team identified our needs and structured training, metrics design, and go-live coordination. This was a significant undertaking with 25 students and a need to have staff ready within two months..."

» MOREChristopher Jones, IT Director, Bay Area biotech company.

"Like many IT customer service teams, the Desktop Support group at Exelixis was made up of bright, dedicated IT professionals who worked long hours attempting to address the seemingly unending backlog of customer requests. As our customer base doubled..."

» MOREBill Landry, Sr. Director, Information Technology