Each customer service encounter represents your company or your internal organization and may dramatically affect your opportunities for advancement, whether you are a front-line support person or an executive. Green Peg was founded to help organizations improve both individual and team performance. We do this by viewing performance improvement through the lens of customer service. Departments such as IT, HR, Operations, internal call centers, etc. provide internal customer service to support internal staff to make them more productive. They may be employees, but they are still providing customer service to other employees.

In addition, call centers that support external paying customers have a direct effect on customer satisfaction metrics and bottom-line performance. Green Peg's methodologies support the improvement of both internal and external customer service. We do end-to-end customer service improvement starting with leadership, strategy, alignment and metrics all the way down to individual interactions with internal and external customers. We have been very successful in increasing staff engagement and improving the culture of the organization. This is measurable.

Green Peg is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. We can travel to any part of the world and can customize our consulting and on-site training to your specific needs.

The Story Behind Our Name

Green Peg is about advancing customer service. "Green" is a color synonymous with "GO!" and a "peg" is something you use in a game to move ahead, keep track and tally the score. Let us help your organization make the right moves!