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Green Peg Previous Work

Check out some of the previous work that Green Peg has done for clients. We'll customize the engagement to fit your needs and will remain flexible as those needs change.

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Customer Service Training

Facilitated a 2-day instructor-led workshop for telephone billing agents stationed around the world.  Adapted the training in real-time to solve major problems that were occurring in the field. Workshop was conducted on-site in Italy.

Client: International Peacekeeping Organization

Instructional Design and Delivery

Designed and delivered customer service training to agents that provide assistance to patients who are uninsured or who have been denied coverage by their health plans.

Client: Pharmaceutical Company

On-Boarding Training Boot-Camp

Developed and implemented a customized and comprehensive certification program for help desk support analysts to ensure that they were trained in relevant operations prior to actually serving their internal customers. Deliverables included lesson plans, service scenarios, customer service workshops, documented guidelines for representatives, surveys, train-the-trainer evaluations, creation of a call monitoring form, mentoring guidelines, written exam, practical exam and program certification.

Client: Biotechnology Corporation

Business Videos

Produced a series of marketing videos to educate customers about services including Sales Coaching, Sales Training, Sales Messaging and Sales Best Practices. Videos were produced with professional lighting, sound and post-production software (Final Cut Pro X).

Client: Communications Consulting Company

Service Audit

Interviewed employees and managers of a large non-profit to determine effectiveness of their IT department. Delivered a report with issues and recommendations and reviewed those findings with the CEO.

Client: Non-Profit Organization that Protects the Rights of People with Disabilities

Instructional Design, Performance, Training, Assessment

Development of target setting strategies and communications. Completion of KPI metrics course for supervisors. Classroom delivery of course and exercises to supervisors. Creation and delivery of on-line examination with automatic scoring to assess knowledge of supervisors on performance metrics.

Client: Quality and Training Organization

Conference Workshop Facilitator

Kicked off major healthcare conference by a conducting a 3-hour customer service workshop for healthcare insurance managers and directors aimed at improving organizational effectiveness and customer service.

Client: Healthcare Conference

Customer Service Training for Human Resources

Developed and facilitated a customer service training program for an Employee Resource Center run by Human Resources.

Client: Pharmaceutical Company

Certification Programs

Created Certified Help Desk Professional and Certified Help Desk Manager programs. The instructor-led on-site programs helped various organizations review or reset their customer service teams.

Client: Multiple

Usability Evaluation

Evaluated the usability of the displays and procedures related to warning systems, electrical power system, environmental controls and life support systems of a future spacecraft.  Submitted feedback and opportunities for improvement.

Client: U.S. Government


Post-Merger Roles and Responsibilities

Following a merger, worked with the Director of IT and other high-level stakeholders and IT staff to redefine and document the roles of each IT person. Created new and detailed job descriptions and made formal recommendations based on analysis and interviews to increase the level of internal customer service.

Client: Product Packaging Corporation


IT Service Delivery Audit

Investigated issues affecting IT service delivery within the law firm. Performed needs analysis by interviewing key management and staff personnel throughout the company. Prioritized the top 10 issues to be addressed through training and a procedure documentation program.

Client: Law Firm

Service Catalog

Met with stakeholders of this biotechnology company to identify opportunities for improvement. Designed and facilitated workshops that resulted in the crafting of specific operating procedures and the equivalent of a service catalog. Defined accountability for solution delivery along with responsibility for follow-through. Provided direct training in customer service. Introduced tools and techniques that enabled the team to continuously improve the value of service delivered.

Client: Biotechnology Company


Customer Service On-Boarding IT Boot-Camp

Designed and facilitated a two-month training “Boot-Camp” for 25 service analysts. Topics included both soft-skill courses as well as technical courses with certification exams.  At the end of the two-month training the new employees went “live” and completely replaced the previously outsourced representatives.

Client: IT Organization


Refresh of IT Case Management System

Led a strategic effort to determine where the most serious IT problems existed in a large corporation. Analyzed and then redesigned problem categories to better support data logging and analysis. After the redesign and training program, it was then possible to see where the frequently occurring problems in the company were and dedicate resources appropriately.

Client: Biotechnology Company

Web-Based Training Delivery

Trained 500 sales representatives of a global shipping company in the use of a sophisticated pricing application. The pricing application made the client more competitive in the worldwide shipping business. The training was conducted via a remote web-based application to accommodate the international audience.

Client: Software Company


Customer Service Training for Engineers

Trained the engineering team, previously focused almost exclusively on engineering tasks, to also focus on having positive interactions with their customers.

Client: Software Company

Instructional Design for Account Manager Training

Designed and created materials intended for internal trainers to utilize during account manager training. Content was designed to engage account managers using multimedia and real examples.

Client: Pharmaceutical Company

Customized Certification Program

Client needed a customized certification program that would ensure that their new hires could effectively resolve customer issues. Post needs-analysis, designed a program that incorporated strong customer service skills and technical skills. Created relevant customer service training materials and exercises that simulated what the trainees would be experiencing when they took actual calls from customers. Implemented on-line testing at various intervals during the training to help us determine any specific individual coaching that needed to occur. Implemented on-line testing at various intervals during the training to help determine any specific individual coaching that needed to occur. Created a final certification exam which incorporated the entire training course. Conducted train-the-trainer sessions to enable existing agents to conduct future training and coached trainers to be more effective facilitators.

Client: Call Center

Customer Service Road-Map

Conducted a multi-day workshop for front-line staff and management to build a road-map for achieving  "world-class customer service" for their members.  Fourteen categories were populated with specific action items. A few sample categories: teamwork, culture, metrics, website, education, technology, etc.

Client: Real Estate Association

Customer Service Training Program

Provided consulting firm with interactive Green Peg training content and train-the-trainer support for redelivery to their own clients. Developed and managed web-based exams for their clients.  Course delivered on-site in Malaysia.

Client: Consulting Firm


Process and Procedures

Created a visual interactive mind-map of the organization showing initial needs and triggers that ultimately end in a specific procedure being followed. In addition, developed a standard procedure template to allow subject matter experts to easily author standard procedures with minimal formatting challenges and defined the workflow for consistent results.

Client: Inventory and Systems Organization

Customer Service Reboot Program

The client's customer base had doubled while the number of support personnel remained static. Met with stakeholders throughout the company to get clarity. Guided customer service personnel through workshops to draft specific operating procedures. Defined accountability for solution delivery along with responsibility for follow-through. Provided direct training in customer service. Introduced tools and techniques that enabled the team to continuously improve the value of service delivered.

Client: Biopharmaceutical Company

Training Infrastructure Update

The client needed to ensure that all team members were trained on distribution programs and processes. Gathered requirements, conducted group interviews, gathered and organized all department procedures.  Created an interactive PowerPoint slide network that simplified access to a large amount of information including employee videos. Created a customer satisfaction survey to obtain continuous feedback from customers.

Client: Customer Operations Department

Root Cause Analysis Workshop

Designed and conducted a one-half day workshop for a medical research department to help diagnose and prevent recurring problems.

Client: University

Compensation Training for Managers

The client just implemented new technology into their compensation process using an enterprise software product from SumTotal.  Created webinar-based training for 600+ managers to cover the management training portion and 6 video-on-demand elearning modules to cover the technical aspects inside SumTotal. Video-on-demand elearning modules were created in Brainshark.

Client: Software Corporation

Instructional Design and Delivery of Project Communication Webinar

Delivered multiple customized webinars to project managers to prevent communication oversights and increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Client: Financial Technology Company

Instructional Design and Train-the-Trainer

Delivered existing Green Peg customer service course content for internal use.

Client: Insurance Agency

Public Speaking Engagement

Conference speaker at healthcare conference. Presented to executives of major healthcare organizations regarding customer service and member retention.

Client: Healthcare Conference

Competency Assessments

A call center needed to determine if all of its recently trained agents were competent in specific areas that were deemed critical to serving their customers.  Green Peg designed and implemented web-based knowledge assessments as well as practical simulation scenarios that could be used as instruments to determine agent competency.  This helped the call center to provide individualized coaching to specific agents and the overall data helped to identify widespread knowledge gaps that could be addressed in future training.

Client: IT Help Desk

New Hire Orientation

Bi-weekly presentations and facilitation of the new hire orientation event. Topics include the semiconductor industry, mission, vision, core values, company policies, computer & security, required training overview, benefits, tools and resources.

Client: Semiconductor Equipment Corporation

Design of Performance Metrics

Developed a Balanced Scorecard for a 700-person IT organization.

Client: Pharmaceutical Corporation

Project Communication Design & Delivery

Subcontractor for a large professional services corporation serving a global technology company manufacturing ATM machines and conducting 450 million financial transactions per day. The end client wanted to improve their efficiency on projects. Conducted world-wide telephone interviews with project managers and stakeholders and based on their realities, developed a template for project communications including a "communication trigger" checklist.  Communication was improved between stakeholders such as:

  • Customers & Project Managers
  • Key Customers and Team Members
  • Sales and Professional Services Management
Client: Professional Services Corporation
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