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Call Center Management and Help Desk Training

Your company’s call center management can always use a little help. What is the difference between call center management and help desk management? Generally, call centers are revenue producing and increase sales where help desks are cost centers and solve problems. The principles of great customer service are the same in both call center management and help desk management though.  It never hurts to perform help desk training and occasionally check in on how your call center management is working.  You may be surprised at what you discover because many times small problems may not be obvious,  and when left unattended, can actually turn into serious issues.  Call center management should always be a priority to ensure that this area of your company is running smoothly.

Impact of Call Center Management

Call center management helps to ensure that everything in your call center is running smoothly.  There are several aspects of your call center that need managed.

You will want to ensure that there is monitoring of some percentage of calls.  Call monitoring can be an excellent training aid. Many call center issues can be caught by simply monitoring calls. In addition, all calls should be documented in the case management system. This data can be used to determine first call resolution, turn-around-time, open issues, top problems and in general, is the source for most of the call center metrics.

It is also important to manage how calls are routed and handled.  Customers should not be on hold for long periods of time if at all possible.  This should be well managed with daily checks to see that calls are not being dropped (low call abandonment rate), forwarded to wrong departments or long customer hold times.

Every aspect of call center or help desk management works to ensure that interactions with customers through the call center are of the highest quality and reflect upon the company in the best way.

Improve Call Center Management

Call center management can always be improved upon.  Through experimentation with different formats and systems it is always possible to improve call center efficiency.

Call center management can also benefit from employee training.  Customer service training, customer service seminars, business skills training and other types of skills training can be very beneficial to managers and call center employees.  These types of training will allow employees to develop their skills so that they can provide excellent customer service to each and every caller and align with their manager’s goals.

The Bridge Between Call Center Management and Customer Service

Customer service and call center management are closely related.  A call center is one of the main hubs for customer service in many companies.  This means that employees need to be well trained in customer service in order to support a high quality call center.

Without the basic customer service skills it will be challenging to improve call center management.  The employees need basic training in order to understand any new techniques that are implemented through management.  It is important that the bridge between call center management and customer service is well understood.

Call center management is only as effective as the employees because the call center is based on employee performance.  Well trained employees will support the call center manager to make improvements that will create a significant impact in the call center.  Improving call center management will only work when employees have received training in a customer service course, customer service workshop or some other form of customer service seminar.
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Great Principles:

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